The Sentéales brand is supported by rigorous research and systematic methodology. The formulae have been developed through close collaboration with specialists in skincare, pharmaceuticals, and dermatology.  


Sentéales has developed high performance phyto-aromatic treatments based on solid scientific data.


• Four aromatherapy elixirs, containing precious plant oils, have been formulated for their effectiveness and sensory benefits, to suit the particular needs of all skin types.


• The treatments; stimulating, restoring, anti-ageing and brightening are all rich in active plant properties, both innovative and potent (peptides, fruit acids, hyaluronic acids), allowing the skin to rediscover its natural beauty. They offer a perfect balance between benefits drawn from nature and recent research.


Sentéales provides even the most sensitive skins with efficient results 

and a sense of complete wellbeing.

Sentéales, soft elixir, aromatherapy skincare
Sentéales, source intense, aromatherapy skincare
Senteales, aromatherapy skincare
Insolente jeunesse, aromatherapy skincare

Sentéales, the perfect balance between benefits drawn from nature and recent research.