Our aromatherapy elixirs

Essential oils


Pure essential oils concentrated to maximum potency, are at the heart of Sentéales skincare.


Rare, precious & sometimes from remote locations, the plants are selected with utmost care. 

They are collected & blended with other effective natural ingredients in order to distil every drop of their active benefits to bring beauty to all types of skin.


With these exceptional oils as the main component of their creation, Sentéales offers a range of unique skincare.

The alchemy of well-being

Essential oil is a complex living substance, the soul of the plant. It contains the aromatic molecules which act beneficially & effectively in caring for skin.


Each oil, each plant extract has its own specific targets.  Our dedicated individual treatments depend on precise plant selection & our formulae for blending them.

Elixir d'Arôme pureté

Sentéales, the perfect balance between benefits drawn from nature and recent research.