Phyto-aromatherapy Skincare


“Sentéales” cannot be thought of as a single concept, because beauty is not confined to a single element & a sense of well-being is personal to each of us. The brand represents the latest results from research into aromatherapy & phytotherapy, providing a perfect balance of the benefits of natural ingredients & the most recent scientific developments.

Franck Benet

The brand has chosen to take its signature colour from the delicately scented parma violet, enhanced with a wisp of  silver.


“This wonderful colour has been produced by blending sorrel with parma violet…”

Journal of pharmacy & chemistry - 1850


The parma violet colour symbolises calmness, serenity & purity, 3 values dear to Sentéales.


Sentéales, the perfect balance between benefits drawn from nature and recent research.